PlexiTape – Vintage Tape Echo Plugin 1.1.1 Crack (VST, AU, AAX) Download

Audiority – PlexiTape [VST, VST3, AAX, AU] Crack Free Download

In the ever-evolving landscape of music production, the allure of vintage analog equipment continues to captivate producers and musicians alike.

Among the most iconic of these vintage tools is the tape echo, renowned for its warm, lush repeats and unique sonic character. Enter PlexiTape, a cutting-edge plugin that faithfully emulates the magic of vintage tape echo, offering users a versatile and intuitive tool for adding depth, texture, and nostalgia to their audio productions.

Let’s explore how PlexiTape brings the timeless charm of vintage tape echo into the digital realm and transforms the sonic landscape of modern music production.

Understanding PlexiTape:

PlexiTape is a vintage tape echo plugin developed by Audiority, designed to capture the essence of classic tape echo units from the past.

Drawing inspiration from iconic hardware such as the Roland RE-201 Space Echo and the Maestro Echoplex EP-3, PlexiTape combines authentic tape emulation with modern digital technology to deliver a versatile and feature-rich plugin that pays homage to the golden era of analog recording.

Features and Functionality:

  1. Authentic Tape Emulation: PlexiTape utilizes advanced algorithms to faithfully replicate the sound and behavior of vintage tape echo units, capturing the warmth, saturation, and modulation characteristics that define their unique sonic imprint. From subtle tape saturation to lush, swirling repeats, PlexiTape offers users a wide range of sonic possibilities for adding depth and dimension to their audio productions.
  2. Intuitive Interface: PlexiTape features an intuitive user interface that mimics the layout and controls of classic tape echo hardware, making it easy for users to dial in their desired sound with precision and ease. With controls for adjusting delay time, feedback, wow & flutter, and more, PlexiTape puts the power of vintage tape echo at your fingertips, allowing for effortless experimentation and creative exploration.
  3. Flexible Routing and Modulation: PlexiTape offers flexible routing options and modulation capabilities, allowing users to tailor the behavior and character of the tape echo effect to suit their specific needs and preferences. Whether adding subtle movement and texture to a vocal track or creating immersive, swirling soundscapes, PlexiTape provides the tools and flexibility to achieve the desired result with ease.
  4. Additional Features: In addition to its core tape echo emulation, PlexiTape includes a variety of additional features and enhancements to enhance its versatility and usability. From tempo-synced delay times and stereo imaging controls to built-in filters and saturation effects, PlexiTape offers users a comprehensive toolkit for shaping and sculpting their sound.

Audiority PlexiTape crack

Benefits of PlexiTape:

  1. Vintage Vibes, Modern Convenience: PlexiTape combines the nostalgic charm of vintage tape echo with the convenience and flexibility of modern digital technology, offering users the best of both worlds in one versatile plugin. Whether seeking to capture the warmth and character of analog tape or exploring new sonic territory, PlexiTape delivers unparalleled sound quality and authenticity.
  2. Creative Inspiration: With its intuitive interface and wide range of features, PlexiTape serves as a powerful source of creative inspiration for producers, musicians, and sound designers. Whether adding subtle ambiance to a mix or creating intricate rhythmic patterns, PlexiTape empowers users to explore new sonic possibilities and unlock their creative potential.
  3. Efficiency and Versatility: PlexiTape streamlines the process of working with tape echo effects, offering users a convenient and efficient solution for adding depth, texture, and movement to their audio productions. With its flexible routing options, modulation capabilities, and additional features, PlexiTape adapts to a wide range of musical styles and genres, ensuring maximum versatility and usability.

What’s New in the Audiority PlexiTape VST Keygen?

  • Fixed: Plugin window size not stored in DAW session.
  • New: Tape Erase.
  • New: Machine Age.
  • New: Notifications System.
  • Fixed: Parameter locking now works for global parameters.
  • New: Delay Ducking.
  • Fixed: Screaming feedback when HQ is enabled at high sample rates.

How to Install?

  1. First, you have to download the program from the link given below.
  2. Now install the program normally.
  3. That’s it. Enjoy the premium features for free.


PlexiTape stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of vintage tape echo in the world of music production, offering users a versatile and intuitive tool for capturing the timeless charm of analog tape in the digital realm.

With its authentic tape emulation, intuitive interface, and wide range of features, PlexiTape empowers producers, musicians, and sound designers to infuse their audio productions with warmth, character, and nostalgia, while pushing the boundaries of creativity and sonic exploration.

Whether seeking to evoke the spirit of classic recordings or charting new sonic territory, PlexiTape is a must-have plugin for any modern music production arsenal.

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